Monday, July 12, 2010

True Blood S3 E4 "9 crimes" subtitles

 What did they say last night ? Now you can see the dialogue line for line...

  • "Sometimes I think that boy's cheese done fell right off his cracker." - Sam's mom
  • "I want to look like I can kick some serious ass. Which I can." - Sookie
  • "Ring Ring, Hooker. Ring Ring." Lafayette
  • "Let's go, RuPaul!" Eric
  • "I know the truth about love. It's a hell I'll never get out of alive." stripper
  • "Oh hell, how am I supposed to deal with this f***ed-upness?" - Lafayette
  • "I'm a vampire, not a f****** idiot." - Jessica 


Rita said...

Enjoyed the subtitles very much as some
times i don't understand some of the thing being said thanks Dallas.