Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Best True Blood ending EVER. EVER. EVER. EVE By Meredith Woerner

Team Talk Blood member Meredith Woerner review of ep 9 -you can listen to us talk about it last Sunday night by listening to the podcast ( blue box on right )

Last Sunday's True Blood took all the long-winded fang banter about vampire kings, vampire queens, magisters, vampire equality acts, and "authorities" and turned it into something interesting. From here on out, vampire politics cease to be boring! Some NSFW pics.
I've been accused before of being a bit of a "fangirl" when it comes to True Blood. Sorry haters, but this is going to be one of those times. Last night had the best conclusion in True Blood history. Plus, Ginger's back. But let's let the Pros and Cons do the talking shall we?
Pro: Eric soars in on the vampcam. He's like the wind, that one.

Pro: Eric lands in Fangtasia and Pam and I both freak out because, as she said, "You never panic! Should I be panicking?" The answer, yes. Everyone should be panicking.
Pro: Ginger is back, and looking slightly less beat as hell. Good for you girl.

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Rita said...

Yes i have to agree with Meredith this was the best ending ever,loved the Eric
and Pam parts and a lot of people do not
understand that if the vampire dose not
sleep in the day they will start to bleed
from the nose and ears,go back to season
#2 with Bill and Lorena in the hotel room when they were fighting.The shower part
has nothing to do with season#4.And i do
hope that Dennis gets a nom. for this.