Tuesday, August 17, 2010

True Blood Fashion : Southern Belle – Sookie Stackhouse

Okay, I know I am way way way way WAY behind schedule on TV series watching, but that’s only because I do NOT have Astro! Yes, it’s shocking I know! Not many people don’t have Astro. And another fact is that I don’t really watch TV. :) I do enjoy TV series and movies of course, but with movies you can watch it in the cinema, or get a DVD but with TV series, I usually have to wait for a decent copy before being able to watch it. Plus, I hate suspense! I can’t take it!     I don’t like waiting for 1 episode after another, I personally prefer marathons! :) Or at least TV & Movie marathons. The outdoors kind, not so much ya. :)

So enough babbling, here are we gonna talk about my current favourite TV series, True Blood! For those of you who haven’t seen, it’s basically a story about this girl Sookie Stackhouse and her boyfriend who is a vampire and basically all the fun supernatural things la! Watching the show, I cannot help but notice how Sookie always seem to have the most adorable outfits on! I love all her clothes! So here’s just a short idea on getting Sookie Stackhouse’s Southern Belle look!

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