Monday, August 2, 2010

Go Ask Dallas : Please tell us more about the wolves ( real ones used in the show!)

Steve Martin's Working Wildlife provides the wolves for True Blood this yea.

On the web page you can see a number of candid shots with Thunder,  the wolf that plays Alcide

I think that may be Thunder in the middle ( right) but there are other photos of him on the web page.

You can also see Cody and Shadow who star is True Blood . Best article about the wolves here Wall Street Journal from June.

Here are some quotes from various article about Joe and Thunder: Below is Thunder/Alcide as he appears to Tara in the woods.

When asked about the wolf playing his alter ego, Joe sounded like a kid. It’s a live wolf named Thunder, a giant North American timber wolf with yellow eyes. According to Joe, he’s beautiful. ”We both play the same character – I turn into him and he turns into me.”
Explaining that certain protocol has to be followed in order to get near real wolves, Joe said he did visit their ranch. With supervision, he was allowed to take Thunder for a 45-minute romp. The wolf responded to his name and allowed Joe to pet him. Having gone through the acclimation period, it appears Joe met with Thunder’s approval.


"True Blood" star Joe Manganiello has bonded with the wolf that plays the canine side of his character — so much so that he recently began taking his co-star on walks.

The actor plays werewolf Alcide on the series. A North American Timber Wolf named Thunder is his canine counterpart.

Manganiello says Thunder is on a giant chain while they walk to ensure that the animal doesn't get spooked and run away.

Unlike his character, Manganiello admits to getting hit with "an amount of fear" when working with the undomesticated animals. Handlers have advised him not to have meat around Thunder or make any sudden movements.

He says the wolves are "suprisingly gigantic" with "wild-looking, piercing yellow eyes."