Monday, August 2, 2010

True Blood : Pams's torture earings from Tiffanys

The Magister's minions shop at Tiffanys for items to torture Pam with?  ? So now I suppose you want a pair ?

I think these are the ones ...

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Rita said...

I am glad that that didn't happen it would be painful to watch i have a thing
about the eyes.And cost too much for my
taste,but are very lovely.

Sharon said...

I gotta admit, it couldn't have happened to a nicer magister. Glad to see him get his, even if the king is losing his mind.

Rita said...

Sharon i don't think he is losing his
mind i think he has already lost it.

haydeejade1 said...

Would you say that the king walks into every situation all flash and fire?

So sorry for that but all I saw last night were connections that the writers had laid out the previous 6 episodes.

Rita said...

Yes Russell is full of it,that is how he
is to be seen.They start out with the first episode and then they have to go from there,and with each episode the stories take shape and really start to connect and every thing comes together at
the end,it just takes time to connect
all the stories.Hope that makes since.