Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Smell a Rat Ep. 34: Clip - Pam questions Eric


Rita said...

All right we know he is doing his will,
but i want to know the first part of the will.

Anonymous said...

Eric is in danger and he runs home in a panic seeking sanctuary. Failing that, he rewrites his will.
Certainly not the Eric we know and love in the books. The impression I got from the books was that he could not stand to NOT be a part of the turmoil. He loved it.

Joan said...

In DITF Eric says he's keeping a paper trail to cover himself regarding Victor Madden, and there are many other instances of Eric "thinking outside of the box" (One of his favorite sayings). So I think they are keeping to the spirit of Eric by having him do a will, he's protecting those he loves.