Monday, August 9, 2010

Recap: True Blood, season 3, episode 8 – ‘Night on the Sun’

The amazing Becca !!

I can’t recall the last time the True Blood Twitterverse was in such rapture. Within seconds of the ending of last night’s episode, “Night on the Sun,” #AwwSookieNowNow could have been a trending topic. Was it really all that sexy? Maybe, maybe not. But there’s nothing better than fast and furious makeup sex. And Sookie got her some of that. (Bill was just trying to keep up.)
All told, there was a lot of skin this episode. Franklin turned up in Tara’s shower fantasy. She drank his blood, so, with any hope, we’ll be seeing more of him. Even wet shoulders up, Franklin has more charisma in his left fang than most. Jason, well, he’s accustomed to showing skin, but his got busy with Crystal’s. (Is there anything sweeter than Jason in love?) Heck, we even got to see Terry in bed with Arlene, tenderly singing to their baby on the way right before he turns into an imagined Rene, the real baby daddy. Personally, I think this story line has so much potential. It’s old school Rosemary’s Baby and deserves a big pay off.
But let’s talk about the sex we didn’t see. There were two missed man-on-man opportunities. And not just any men. Uber men! Three seasons in, Lafayette finally looks like he’s about to get some, and they back out of the shot? (“Where are they going? Where’d the hot guys go? Why aren’t the hot guys doing it in the frame? Where’s my hot guys?”) Sure, it wasn’t as obvious as panning away to a vibrating mantle of religious goodies, but c’mon. Is there anyone watching this show who doesn’t want to know how Lafayette is in bed??? He makes The Old Spice guy look like a junior leaguer! And while it pains me to say that the chemistry between Lafayette and Jesus is at its best with suggestive small talk, I still want the hotsie-totsie!


Rita said...

Becca always has a great review,every one
seems to think that Eric should have really great sex with Talbot for what
just so we can watch? I don't think so
IMO,it was just to get him in a position
so Eric could kill him,one where Talbot
would not suspect what Eric was going to
do.I thought that the rest of the review
was spot on.