Monday, August 9, 2010

True Blood-Bath: We’re All Just Pawns in a Game of Chess- Vanity Fair

There’s a scene in last night’s episode of True Blood featuring Eric Northman and Talbot playing a game of chess. The chess game is an obvious allusion to the strategy of the characters—or chess pieces, if you will—in the bigger picture of the entire season. And Eric and Talbot are just pawns in the greater scheme—kings and queens do battle while pawns are simply sacrificed. Ah, who am I trying to fool? Obviously everything that I’ve written so far is, well, bullshit. I’ve got nothing. Honestly, the only halfway enjoyable event up to the chess match scene was when Talbot, during the game, said, “I’m bored.” Because, when he did, I immediately spoke back to my television, “Yeah, me, too!” Soon after I vocalized my displeasure (the people inside the screen can hear me, right?), events got a lot more interesting. But interesting isn’t always a good thing.

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