Friday, September 3, 2010

Alexander Skarsgard talks Talkbot scene : "I’d never kissed a guy before"

Alexander Skarsgard’s Eric has had a wild third season of True Blood to say the least. There’s been rapid-fire sex scenes, Viking flashbacks, Sookie Stackhouse sex dreams, and then of course, his ultimately bloody tryst with fellow vamp Talbot (Theo Alexander). Skarsgard tells EW that he and Alexander really wanted the scene to be powerful for viewers. “I’d never kissed a guy before on a show or in a movie, and that was Theo’s first time as well, and we talked about it,” says Skarsgard. “

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Rita said...

Well Alex has said he is strait and i
believe him but he can sure play gay and
it doesn't bother me in the least it is
just a job,and that scene was so hot and
well done.