Saturday, September 25, 2010

Being Human: A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost walk into a pub.....

I'm just starting to watch season 2 of Being Human , the BBC vampire series ( and werewolf and ghost!) and if you haven't watched this series you need to ! It runs on BBC America months after it runs here in the UK. I posted the links to the DVDs yesterday..

It is described as: Being Human is a British supernatural dramedy television series. It was created and written by Toby Whithouse and broadcast on BBC Three. It stars Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey, and Lenora Crichlow as three apparent twenty-something characters sharing a house in Totterdown, Bristol, trying to live a normal social life, despite being a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost respectively.

There is a really good wikipedia page with list of episodes, filming locations and more:

They have also started releasing a series of books ...