Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hotshot : Were-panthers as described by Charlaine Harris in Sookie books

Here is a great article about the panthers native to Florida that Charlaine was using in Book 4 being brought back from near extinction.
That's Crystal in the middle -Ha!
Here kitty kitty !

Dead to the World
He wasn't thinking tabby or calico when he said feline; he was thinking panther.
Panthers were what we called mountain lions. Sure, there aren't mountains around here, but panthers—the oldest men hereabouts called them "painters"—live in low bottomland, too. To the best of my knowledge, the only place panthers could be found in the wild was in Florida, and their numbers were dwindling to the brink of extinction. No solid evidence had been produced to prove that any live native panthers had been living in Louisiana in the past fifty years, give or take a decade.
But of course, there were stories. And our woods and streams could produce no end of alligators, nutria, possums, coons, and even the occasional black bear or wildcat. Coyotes,

Florida panther population triples in size with help from Texas ladies
There may be hope for the Florida Panther. After coming within two dozen cats of extinction, their numbers are increasing. How? Find out why hybrids were the answer, and see some very cute baby panther pictures along the way. here


Rita said...

Oh!these are so cute,of corse i know how
dangerous they can be after they grow up.