Saturday, September 4, 2010

Go Ask Dallas : What was that ring tone that Eric phone was playing in the last True Bood episode?

Dear Dallas

What was that ring tone that Eric phone was playing it was Classic =)

Thanks Marquest

Well, Marquest it was "Ain't We Got Fun"Maybe Eric know  these guys in the 20s . Remember in the books how vampires love to buy cds of old music. Wikipedia describes it like this:

"Ain't We Got Fun?" is a popular foxtrot published in 1921 with music by Richard A. Whiting, lyrics by Raymond B. Egan and Gus Kahn.

It was first performed in 1920 in the revue Satires of 1920, then moved into vaudeville and recordings. "Ain't We Got Fun?" and both its jaunty response to poverty and its promise of fun "Every morning / Every evening", and "In the meantime, / In between time" have become symbolic of the Roaring Twenties, and it appears in some of the major literature of the decade, including The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and in Dorothy Parker's award-winning short story of 1929, "Big Blonde". 

This is the chorus you are probably familiar with
Ain't We Got Fun by Peggy Lee

Ev'ry morning, ev'ry evening
Ain't we got fun?
Not much money, Oh, but honey
Ain't we got fun?
The rent's unpaid dear
We haven't a bus
But smiles were made dear
For people like us

In the winter in the Summer
Don't we have fun
Times are bum and getting bummer
Still we have fun
There's nothing surer
The rich get rich and the poor get children
In the meantime, in between time
Ain't we got fun?