Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some of the cast of True Blood made their way to Dragon*Con 2010

Some of the cast of True Blood made their way to Dragon*Con 2010 to chat about their characters on the show and a little bit about the season finale.
“There’ll be blood,” said Nelsan Ellis who plays Lafayette jokingly on the panel that also featured Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte) and Kristin Bauer (Pam). “You will definitely find something out about my dude [Jesus].”
Ellis spoke about how he wasn’t crazy about the idea of Lafayette having a serious love interest, but said he changed his mind upon seeing the episodes because it showed whole new “tender” dimension to the character.
In reference to the finale, Trammell mentioned something about “death,” but quickly retracted the statement and changed the topic to the subject of nudity on set. He couldn’t recall whether his character is naked in the season 3 finale episode and as anyone who watches the show knows, it tends to happen often.

Trammell also told the crowd that his grandfather owned the land in the field he ran naked through from a previous episode.
In response to a fan who asked why Pam, who has managed to stay clothed during the entire run of True Blood, has all the best lines, Bauer said she couldn’t take all the credit since she and the other castmates don’t have much creative input.
“I’m not privy to what the writer and producers think, but apparently Pam in the books just gets… more important,” Bauer said.
The True Blood season 3 finale airs September 12 on HBO.