Sunday, September 19, 2010

True Blood Becoming A Movie?


With another season of frequently naked vampire lust finished, True Blood is more popular than ever. It’s the most successful show in the history of HBO, so of course they want to find ways to make even more money off it. One of HBO’s top priorities may be turning True Blood into a movie.

Whats Playing says there’s talk around the network of transitioning the series into the world of feature films, maybe after another season or two of television

. Details are sparse but their sources say they hope to get True Blood: The movieup and running “sooner rather than later” and that series creator Alan Ball may be determined to direct it himself.

Ball’s feature film directing experience is limited, but he’s had plenty of practice at making television look cinematic. The show, visually at least, flat out looks like something that’s meant to be up on the big screen. It’ll work as long as HBO’s willing to let fly with a hard-R rating. True Blood trades in the ridiculous, whether it’s over the top violence or out of control freaky sex, and if they’re taking the show to theaters the MPAA’s probably not going to be their friend.

Coming up with a properly cinematic story should be no problem and True Blood doesn’t shy away from action and wild special effects, just imagine what they could do with a movie-sized budget. The story of Sookie Stackhouse and vampire Bill could work on the big screen at least as well as it works on television, assuming you think it works at all.


Rita said...

I think they should have done the movie
first then the series.I don't know how
it would do now.

Dawn KANE said...

I think they should make a movie out of the Vampire Ball. It was so detailed in the book that it may be hard to accomplish in a season rather than a movie...wtg True Blood!! Can't wait!!! Go Alan Ball whoop whoop

brianna said...

A movie would be great if they would stick to the books better. this last season was the worst I am looking forward to next season hoping it will be better.

TeamEricSookie said...

Not crazy about this rumor. If they can't keep from wasting time on boring storylines apart from the vamps in almost 12 hours worth of a show, how on earth will they tell an interesting story in less than 2.5 hours?