Sunday, September 19, 2010

'True Blood' weekends: That's all, folks! LA Times

Honestly, I expected the "True Blood" finale to be a lot more controversial around these parts. Usually when I dislike (or even like) an episode, a healthy number of you disagree. But outside of a few people who thought the finale was good fun, it sure seemed like everybody who commented or got in touch with me could agree on one broad point about the finale: It was pretty bad. If it wasn't pulling lots of lame cliffhangers on us and muddying up the storyline, it was just plain boring. For once, we're all (mostly) on the same page, and that just makes me feel great about humanity. 
Unfortunately, since we were all on the same page, there's less to write about this week. (Which gives me more time to finish up this piece on the awesome "Boardwalk Empire" pilot.) But let's see some of your comments anyway.
Tess liked this season. She's still looking forward to next season. But the finale? That disappointed her:

"This whole season I thought was fabulous, and it did feel like it was building towards something, but then we got here and nothing happened. I did feel like I was enjoying it while I was watching it, but once I got to the end it was like, I have no idea what just filled those 55 minutes. Every time something built up -- Eric in the ground with an assassin sent for Pam, for instance, or Alcide showing up -- it was over 5 minutes later (not that I wasn't glad to see Eric alive. Or Alcide still looking good. Or Godric, for that matter)."

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Rita said...

Well i guess Barbara and i are by our selves in liking season #3,the only two things i didn't like is Calvin and Hotshot
and the Fae.So all in all i enjoyed it very much.

" Dallas " said...

I think most liked the season but many did not like the finale. I guess I count myself as one of them..i always wait a while to see how things sink in ...

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the vampire storylines and the were-wolf story a great deal. The witch story was starting to get interesting but it took a long time for it to get interesting.

Hotshot, Jason and Andy's story was awful. Fairies were very lame.

Tara, after Franklin was gone, was tiresome. I was very disappointed in the finale.

But when season 4 rolls around I will be there watching!

" Dallas " said...

Good break down Layne
I think they really missed the boat on the Faes but like I said on the big finale Talk Blood radio show they can redeem themselves with how they write the introduction of Claudine into the real world ( for god sake get her out of that god awful Tinkerbell pond in the cemetery filled with crystal chandeliers)

Sharon said...

"for god sake get her (Claudine) out of that god awful Tinkerbell pond in the cemetery filled with crystal chandeliers". Good one, Dallas. I could not agree more. These fairies are more like little garden accessories instead of the very serious, very strong ones in the books. I miss book fairies and book Hotshot and book Sam's family. I'd still like to see a lot more concentration on Sookie and the vampires. Oh, and that whole scene with Holly and Arlene in the woods was a total waste of time.

Alex the Girl said...

I thought overall it was a good season, however, even though they usually have really good deviations from the original story, I wasn't too keen on the "Calvin-Hotshot" story line. I would have liked to have seen Bubba showing up as well! Glad to see Eric looking hot again. Yummy Viking boy.

Anonymous said...

The way they handled the entire Fae storyline was awful. A race of supernatural beings that exist in almost all cultural mythologies in one form or another were treated like sparkly people who all dance around in pretty clothes. Meanwhile, the weres and shifters are all, apparently, trashy drug dealing and / or using, shady dregs of society. They killed Calvin, who was one of the more noble characters in the books, and Jason is now their leader? Eric's visions of Godcric were just GOD awful. Finally, the ending with the stupid chandelier in the woods? LAME.

The only good storyline was Lafayette discovering he's a witch (Say it with me now, "He's a witch! Burn him!") and anything involving Pam. Oh, and cray-cray Sookie putting Talbot down the disposal was a moment of brilliance but then she went off the rails again right after that.