Wednesday, September 1, 2010

“True Blood” Sucker Punch: Season 3, Ep. 11

Team Talk Blood member , Mark Blankenship wonderful column on Ep11

Compared to Russell’s de-spining of a television news anchor, every other moment in this season of True Blood may seem tame by comparison. Perhaps they know that—or perhaps they know that we need to take a breath before the blow-out of the season finale—because writer Nancy Oliver and director Daniel Minahan make “Fresh Blood” a relatively quiet episode. Instead of focusing on the gory or the baroque, they deliver scenes that thrive on what isn’t said, or what’s said in a quiet voice.

Take the lovely scene where Bill and Sookie drive back from Fangtasia, after Sookie gets sprung from the wheel of misfortune. They play a game of imagining what their “normal” relationship would be like, and their dreams are heartbreakingly simple. Bill wants to be a third-grade teacher who loves his job, and he wants to go fishing with Jason. Sookie wants a big flower garden, a  real-estate license, and an occasional double date with Terry and Arlene.
That’s just so… sweet. And sad. Because even though they allow themselves a moment of fantasy, Bill and Sookie clearly know that they will never have these things: Not just because they’re together, but because Bill is a vampire and Sookie is half-fairy. The paradox is that they are human enough to appreciate what they’re missing by not being fully human. Hearing them voice that—and watching Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin convey that—drives home another rich emotion that runs through this series: Ache.

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Rita said...

I love this one Mark you hit the nail on
the head,very good.

linda said...

Thank you Mark for understanding Bill and Sookie and what went down in the car, ache indeed.
Great sucker punch see your finale review.