Thursday, September 16, 2010

True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Discusses His Beard in Great Detail

Man, lots with Joe ( Dallas IS NOT complaining !)

Joe Manganiello just wrapped his first season on True Blood, playing Alcide the hunky, sometimes naked werewolf. We caught up with him this Fashion Week at the G-Star Raw show, where he was sporting his trademark not-too-long, not-too-short, always-the-same facial hair, and took the opportunity to ask every question we could think of about it.
You always have this beard the same length. Is that part of your look?
Yeah. I mean, I read the books, and this is how the character was described in the books. When I showed up I wanted to be as close to that mark as possible, and then you kind of put your own stink on it, and make him look the way you think he should look. And there’s kind of a reclusive, construction-working, woodsy, kind of, you know, secretive guy, so I figured a beard would work.

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Rita said...

Oh Dallas! i would not complain either,i
love a man with a beard.

Sharon said...

Sicilian and Armenian? Hairless? I don't think so. There must be another reason. I figured he waxed his chest for it to be that hairless and I thought it was kind of strange that every other man on the show has chest hair but the werewolf's is hairless. I think Cooter's was hairless, too. What's up with hairless werewolves? LOL!

Sharon said...

I forgot to mention, Joe says he tried to make himself look like the Alcide of the books, but Alcide in the books did not have a beard. Sookie says he's one of those kind of men who has to shave a second time if he goes out in the evening. He also had chest hair. No mention of back hair, thankfully!