Monday, March 21, 2011

A Bone to Pick By Charlaine Harris

A Bone to PickBy Charlaine Harris, Berkley, 262 pages, $32.50

No one does eccentric southern Gothic quite like Charlaine Harris. Of course, Sookie Stackhouse and the vampires of Bon Temps, Louisiana, are now the stars of HBO’s True Blood. But Harris’s talents go far beyond fangs and fancy, and A Bone to Pick hasn’t a Goth in sight. Instead we have Aurora Teagarden, librarian of the small southern town of Lawrenceton, attending three weddings and a funeral.
The funeral is for her friend Jane Engle, whom Roe knew through their membership in a local (now disbanded) crime study club. It appears that Jane has left her very substantial estate to Roe, and it includes a house with a skull hidden in the window seat. The clues fall fast in this clever little puzzle, but it’s the strange characters who keep the story running.


Rita said...

Oh!let me tell you,i have read all her
other series and loved them.At first i
wasn't sure i would like the Lily books
but when you get started you just can't put them down,Roe and Martin ,i just loved
them was sad when Martin died.These are a must read,and the Lily books just made my day loved Jack,i see him as Alcide on
T.B.,so if you have not read these books
Please!do so.