Monday, March 21, 2011

Kwanten a low-key superhero is no doubt Aussie star Ryan Kwanten could have suited up as a superhero in one of Hollywood's comic-book blockbusters coming out this year and next. He is, after all, on top of the world as the star of the cult vampire series True Blood. And he suits the part. He's 34. He has boyish good looks and flashy blue eyes. He's rugged yet likable. And with solid small roles in his pocket, he's now on the verge of serious fame and fortune.
"There have been chances to audition for various superhero roles," Kwanten admits during a break from filming season four of True Blood. He won't say which roles, and one can only guess how he'd go in Spider-Man's spandex tights or The Hulk's stretchy purple shorts.

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