Thursday, March 3, 2011

HBO Inside True Blood :The Concept Meeting

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by Gianna Sobol
THE MEETING: The Concept Meeting
WHERE IT TAKES PLACE: True Blood conference room
WHO ATTENDS: Alan Ball, Gregg Fienberg, the writer and director of each episode, and all department heads (costume designer, stunt coordinator, extras casting, etc)
WHAT IT’S ABOUT (according to 1st Assistant Director Sunday Stevens): "The concept meeting, led by the 1st Assistant Director, is the first meeting that brings all the department heads together.  We go through the script to discuss the different elements in each scene that have to be addressed.  For example, if we have an action scene with a panther, we have to discuss stunts, animal wrangling, make-up effects and visual effects to figure out how to make the sequence work on the day we shoot it.  This is a chance for each department head to figure out who should be doing what and how they can go about doing that.  It is essentially the beginning of prep for the department heads."