Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lauren Bowles Interview-Hall Pass and True Blood

Lauren Bowles reunites with the filmmaking Farrelly Brothers for the R-rated comedy Hall Pass, and at the movie's world premiere Bowles talked about the brothers and about another project she's working on: the fourth season of True Blood.
While Bowles couldn't reveal anything about what's going on the set, she did talk about her True Blood co-stars. "My answer is always when I'm asked about that, it's those pat answers that when I see other people give I'm like, 'Oh shut up! They're not all nice.' But they really are. It's like I can't tell you what a dream job it is. It's the cast, the crew, it all starts with Alan of course, but it really is just a dream job. In fact, my first day in the get all the good scuttlebutt from like makeup and hair, so I'm like, 'Okay, how is everyone really?' And they're like, 'Really, there's not a bad apple.' She goes, 'Trust me, if they are - if someone's a pain in the ass - they don't last long.'"