Thursday, June 30, 2011

Go Ask Dallas : What on earth does Becky in Hotshot say she'll share with Jason ?

 Q: What the heck in a hangubber ?

A: Becky says to Jason " You want the rest of my hangubber?

Sandbox dictionary says : 

han•gub•ber [HAN-guh-br] noun.
A beef patty, fried or grilled, usually served on a bread bun that sometimes comes with cheese.  "I want a hangubber and french fries!" Has also be pronounced hagenberger, hambugger or cheesegubber

Just a kids mispronunciation of hamburger ??? 

** From Dead to the World ..I wondered if I was at the right crossroads, but my doubts were
washed away when I saw an imitation green road sign, the kind you can order from a novelty company,
mounted on a pole in front of one of the homes. It read, HOTSHOT.