Thursday, June 30, 2011

Portia Bellefleur business card - Lancaster & Bellefleur Law Offices

Here is the business card that Portia gives Sookie at Merlotte's .

I find it interesting that HBO hasn't bought this URL - maybe someone ought to ???

Here is a little info on Sid Matt Lancaster , Portia's partner. We see him in almost every book. He is describes as "Sidney Matthew Lancaster,native son and a whiskey
sour drinker, had the reputation of being the most aggressive trial lawyer in the parish. I liked him because he always treated me with respect when I served him in the bar." and "Sid Matt Lancaster, an ancient and renowned lawyer"

At right --we see Sid Matt in True Blood Season 2 Ep 1 ( played by George Gerdes) when he comes to give Sookie money after Uncle Bartlette's death.