Wednesday, June 29, 2011

True Blood Episode 1 Season 4 : What do you know about the Renard Parish Sheriff Department?

Here is the Renard Parish Patch that Jason is wearing in Ep 1. It says 'Sheriff Renard Parish ' and has a star with I think  Phoenix in the middle ...hmm ..Phoenix and rising form the ashes or dead.. I looked back and it's always looked like this, guess i just never looked at it carefully.

Also in Ep 1 Andy talks about how Sookie being missing made the Parish loose the "Lousiana Safe Streets " plaque to Webster Parish. He says ...
"For thirteen straight months, I've had that open case on my books. If it weren't for you, this year's Louisiana Safe Streets plaque would be on my wall, and not fuckin' Webster Parish!"

FYI -Webster Parish is where the town of Minden is located and is 28 miles East of Shreveport. ( or a little west) of the fictional town of Bon Temps and Renard Parish.