Friday, July 22, 2011

5 Best French Vampire Movies

These are available from Amazon and I'm sure through Netflix

Best known for being horror movies, these 5 best French vampire movies prove that the French can do horror. If you like bloodsuckers, these movies will excite and terrify you. No one does suspense like the Europeans, who take it just a little farther than film-makers in Hollywood do.

  1. Nosferatu the Vampyre. Produced in 1979, this vampire film casts the age-old character of Count Dracula. The Count, looking for a house in the Black Sea port town of Virna, becomes infatuated with his real-estate agent’s wife. He moves to Virna and releases his terror on the town. Interestingly, this film depicts Dracula as feeling burdened by his curse of immortality.
  2. The Rape of the Vampire. Director Jean Rollin made this vampire flick in 1968. A low budget production, the film feels slightly surreal and carries erotic overtones. As therapist tries to convince four sisters that they are not in fact ancient vampires, the disembodied voice that controls the sisters’ actions is proven to exist. Medical researched struggles to create a cure for vampirism and, ultimately, the Queen of Vampires shows up to state her case.
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