Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How many sex panthers does it take to screw a Jason Stackhouse? by Meredith Woerner io9.com

Meredith was wonderful on " Talk Blood " Sunday night

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Meredith Woerner — Oh my dears, last night was all about Pammy-Pam-Pam the vampire who can-can. HBO should just give actress Kristin Bauer sacks of money because if it wasn't for her, this show would go straight to the sex panthers.

And now, your True Blood recap, in Pro/Con style.

How many sex panthers does it take to screw a Jason Stackhouse?Pro: Eric is still adorably dazed and confused. Walking around with no socks and no shirt. Again, as I said last week, at what point in the mind-erasing magic was it imperative for him to take off his shirt and socks? At what point did Eric think, "This shirt, no thanks! And these socks, take a hike Hanes Classics." [Editor Note: I don't actually know what kind of socks Eric wears. This is a good question really. What kind of socks does Viking Vampire Eric wear? Does he even wear socks? Is he more of a TOMS hipster loafer slide? What kind of socks do we all wear? It's really a giant morality question, something the great Alan Ball probably wants us all to entertain. Where are our socks? Collectively. Where are they really? Jesus didn't wear socks. Think about it... What?.... Ball's crammed every other moral issue under the sun into these episodes that are really only about about vampires having sex. So, I wouldn't put it past him. God Hates Tevas! Or Fangs! Or the Bible I don't know, just hold me.]

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Rita said...

You know in the book Eric did not have on
socks or shirt,as he i guess that Eric
was in the prosecess of puting on clothes
when the spell happened but on the show
it doesn't tell why he didn't have any on.
But i love your pros and cons.