Tuesday, July 12, 2011

'True Blood' recap: Sookie, Snooki, lost memories and one dead fairy

Wow. Where to even begin?
So, Jason Stackhouse is still tied to that bed frame up in Hotshot, and now, thanks to some certainly illegal Mexican Viagra, that old, stained mattress is the site of -- yes, I'll just go ahead and call it -- the most unsettling sex scene in the history of the show this side of Bill's head-turning romp with Lorena last year. Midway through his migration from human to werepanther, Sookie's brother is called on to begin his child-fathering duties by a desperate Crystal, who's excited to replenish the ranks of her pack with some outsider blood. But really, did the young 'uns have to stand in the background and watch the procreatin' take place? That's just not anything you want to see.
Better to think about our newly amnesiac Eric Northman, who agrees not to bite Sookie -- or touch her without her permission -- after she offers to help him recover his sense of himself. She takes Eric back to her home (which, of course, he doesn't recollect having purchased) and invites him in -- admonishing him not to track mud on the rug. She offers to find him something of Jason's to wear, which, of course, seems silly as there's no possible way Eric and Jason are the same size, but I digress.

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