Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stuff happened on True Blood but all I saw was Hoyt

Our new friend Alex,  who will joining us again soon on Talk Blood Radio.

Guys I get it. Eric Northman? Not a nice guy. He was a Nazi and he’s eaten thousands of people and he was kind of stalking Sookie and sending rapey vibes her way and he once held LaFayette prisoner and he nearly killed Tara AFTER she turned awesome. So yeah. I understand the need to sweeten him up a bit. Wiping his memory? Good start! Killers who get amnesia often turn gentle like little kittens. They’re cute and cuddly and every once in a while they’ll extend their claws and cut the sh*t out of you.

See that’s perfect! It gives us an approachable Eric who can also be dangerous.

Only that’s not what we’ve been getting. We’ve been getting toddler Eric with a torso to die for.

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Vickie said...

Wow I don't agree with anything in this article. Eric was never a Nazi, he posed as one to hunt for his familys killer. I also don't think there has ever been any "rapey" vibes towards Sookie. He's always made it known he wants her, but that's all. I think this author has some of her own issues.