Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What to know before joining the Werewolf Cathedral

(Warning: Werewolf website includes music, so turn down your sound or put on headphones!)

Just when I thought that vampire-themed "It Gets Better" ads would be the highlight of the day, I'm introduced to the Werewolf Cathedral via a thread in the forums. Known as "The World's Only International Werewolf Religion & Secret Society," the Cathedral's ethos is simple: Humans have lost touch with their "base instincts" that allowed their ancestors to thrive.
In order to subscribe to the Werewolf philosophy of life, one must accept Social Darwinism as gospel truth. Except for all the racist parts, of course:

We believe that man is a predatory animal, and that by unifying his intellect with his instinct he becomes more empowered to fulfill that which he wills to do. We believe that Social Darwinism is the true way nature operates, whether man finds this to be cruel or not makes no difference in regards to it's truth. We believe in dealing with the world the way it is, not how it should be. It must be stressed however that we do not condone the racist aspect of Social Darwinism that was promoted in might is right, we see it from a non racist persceptive.
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