Sunday, July 3, 2011

Talk Blood Radio : True Blood Season 4 Eps 1 & 2 LIVE TONIGHT 9:30 pm !

Live TONIGHT: Come and 'Talk Blood' right after True Blood episodes airs.  We will be discussing True Blood Season 4 premier, Episode 1 “She’s not there” and Episode 2 “You smell like dinner "
My co-hosts tonight will be Brian Juergens & Andy Swist from Camp Blood and the vlog Blood Work and Jef with one f from the Houston Press.
Listen Live,  call-in with your opinions and join the amazing chat room!

Click here and here to get involved tonight chat room opens at 9:15pm cst and the radio show begins at 9:30 pm cst . ( 15 minutes after show airs in your time zone!)

You can call -in by dialing 1 (646) 929-0825 

Be sure to join us tonight because we're going to talk True Blood on Talk Blood Radio  live on Blog Talk Radio.  I love hearing you comments and suggestions you can ALWAYS email me: 'Dallas' at truebloodindallas@gmail

Blogtalk doesn't have the show widget player ready yet- I'll post it as soon as its available. Please use the links above to listen live or access the individual podcast.


jfeltonx7 said...

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