Sunday, July 3, 2011

Werepanther role in 'True Blood' requires a stretch

Ft Worth Star Telegram Yay!

It's easy to keep trade secrets when you're kept out of the loop.
Lindsay Pulsipher of True Blood, for example, couldn't spread spoilers about being a werepanther last year when she was cast as Crystal, because series creator/executive producer Alan Ball didn't tell her.
"I knew the tone of the show," says Pulsipher, whose swamp-country vixen returns in the second episode of the new season (8 p.m. Sunday on HBO). "I knew, given all of the creatures that exist in the world of True Blood [from vampires to werewolves to shapeshifters], that it would be fantastical and amazing.
"But Alan Ball gave me no details other than saying that Crystal had special powers."
Nevertheless, Pulsipher had good reason to believe that her character, who is involved in a star-crossed romance with human Jason Stackhouse (played by Ryan Kwanten), would be part feline.
For starters, fans of the show who were also familiar with Charlaine Harris' series of Southern vampire novels seemed convinced that this was the direction the story was taking.
"So I had an inkling," she says, "but I wasn't 100 percent positive until it was revealed to me in a script."