Monday, July 18, 2011

'True Blood' Recap: Eric Samples Daylight, Jason Escapes Hot Shot and Bill is Conflicted

true blood season 4 recap episode 4 jessica eric northman bill pam vampiresWhile the title of this week's episode, "I'm Alive and On Fire," literally refers to the effects the sun has on Eric's skin after he gets drunk on fairy blood and tries to stay awake during the sunlight hours, it's also a metaphor for the many relationships beginning to burn up — or simmer down — among the supernaturals.
Immediately after apologizing for killing Sookie's fairy godmother, Eric passes out from drinking the fairy blood, then wakes up, drunk and hungry for Sookie's blood, giggling and pinching her "beautiful butt" en route back to their house. Let's just stop right here and give Alexander Skarsgard an Emmy nomination, OK? OK. His puppy-eyed amnesia vamp is a whole other level of appeal and acting that somehow makes us giggle like a schoolgirl more than his seductive airs normally do. And, let's face it, we'd all watch a straight hour of Amnesia Eric if that's how Alan Ball decided to craft the show.

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