Monday, July 18, 2011

True Blood Review: "I’m Alive and on Fire" (Episode 4.04)

Pam's dess was great!!!

“Aw, poor Bill, power is so hard.” Season four of True Blood is about change and rebirth. Bill, the compassionate vampire that swept Sookie off her feet in season one, is now the King of Louisiana, ruling with an iron fist. Having just sent a vampire to his True Death for feeding on a human that willingly wanted to be fed on, he sarcastically tells Nan Flanagan of the A.V.L that the execution went “smooth”, “totally justified”. We’ve seen his new transformation take place in the first three episodes of this season. Bill is more cunning, ruthless and do I dare even say villainous? The question to then ask is, is this the real Bill? Is he only acting this way because of pressure from the authority? Bill acting on his own did try to kill Eric at the end of season three. And we know that his past has been filled with both good and evil moments. As season four progresses, the characters of True Blood are having to face who they really are

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