Thursday, August 25, 2011

Alan Ball talks Vampires, Death And The Mundane,

**After season four, people will know there’s a different way for them to come back. I guess True Blood can exist in this world where nobody really dies, ever. [Laughs] You can blow them up and behead them and explode their guts across the screen but they’re not really dead.

Ahead of Alan Ball's upcoming Australian speaking tour, Alan Ball: Vampires, Death And The Mundane
Pedestrian spoke with the Oscar-winning scribe and showrunner about the golden age of television, the burden of killing off characters, and why Rake is his kind of show.
Pedestrian: Hi, how are you? Alan Ball: I’m good how are you doing?
Pretty, pretty good. What have you been up to today? I’ve just done three hundred interviews. Prior to that I had a couple of meetings. And this morning I went to my shrink.
Nice. The meetings go all right? Yep. All good. It’s been a good day.
That’s good to hear. Well I guess we're talking because you'll be discussing your work at the Sydney Opera House later this year and I was wondering if you’d ever done something like that before? I’ve done tonnes of things for print and camera but I’ve never done just me, myself and my work in front of a live audience. I’ve appeared on panels and I’ve certainly done a lot of things with the cast of both True Blood and Six Feet Under but it will be the first time for me with it being just all about me.

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