Thursday, August 25, 2011

More True Blood season finale spoilers

TV Guide Magazine 

Hankie up, True Blood fans. Not everyone survives the Halloween clash between vampires and witches in the fourth-season finale. “There is a body count by the end,” says creator Alan Ball. “It’s more than one death – people we know and love – and it’s pretty shocking.” Alan also says that Antonia is the toughest foe that Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica have ever fought; that Sookie’s decision choosing between Eric and Bill is her toughest decision she’s ever had to make and two major past characters return. (Says Alan, “One is beloved, the other despised. One reveal is terrifying, and one is emotional and powerful.”) And finally, Alan says, “A lot of things that seemed like they were happening outside of the witch story find their way into it. You’re going to think things are finished when they are not.”

The Hollywood Reporter 
An HBO spokesperson tells The Hollywood Reporterthat Denis O’Hare doesn’t appear this season.
As recently as earlier this month, O’Hare told THR that fans should “never give up” on Russell’s return. He also reiterated what series creator Alan Ball had told fans, “Russell’s not dead.”
When HBO released the episode descriptions for this season’s finale episode, it stated “the denizens of Bon Temps brace for a new crisis with a familiar face” and we thought for sure it was referring to Russell.


The Mad Giggler said...

I hope Gran is the beloved character who makes an appearance.

SariLizard said...

Maybe Steve Newlin won't be missing anymore.....