Monday, August 8, 2011

'True Blood' Recap: Marnie's Power Increase Means Mortal Trouble for the Vampires

"Cold GreyLight of Dawn" finds everyone reacting to close calls, largely at the hand of Marnie/Antonia's (Arnie? Mantonia?) increasing power. Both the witches and the vampires independently claim their humanity as the one thing that can save them, whether it's motivated by love or revenge — but if everyone has humanity on their side, who wins? The answer isn't immediately clear in this episode, but here's what we did find out:
Vampires and Witches:Marnie/Antonia manipulates Sheriff Louis into doing her bidding: killing Bill's undercover witch, Katy, after using her to secure an exit from Bill's compound for Marnie, and then telling King Bill, "It is Antonia Gavilán and I am returned." Louis' mission doesn't end well for him, as Bill kills the still-possessed vampire after getting the one-word answer as to how Antonia has returned: "Resurrection."

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Rita said...

Last night had some OH!sh**t moments and
only getting better.