Monday, August 8, 2011

'True Blood' recap: Out of the darkness and into the light LA Times

What a way to end an episode -- vampire Jessica opening the front doors of Bill's mansion, allowing the blinding bright light of the mid-day sun to come streaming in over the threshold, just seconds before the screen goes black. Sunday's "True Blood" installment, "Cold Grey Light of Dawn," was undeniably one of the best of the season so far, with Jessica's life (or is that undeath?) hanging in the balance as Jason raced to save her from the spell cast by the returned necromancer Antonia and her coven, which includes a heartbroken and mighty angry Tara.

The spell, the same one Antonia successfully invoked centuries earlier, is, of course, designed to draw all vampires in the immediate area out into the open to meet the true death. Bill -- having learned from his now-deceased sheriff (and Antonia's rapist turned supplicant) that the witch had returned by taking possession of Marnie's body -- predicted that she would attempt to cast the spell and instructed his subjects to either leave the state or to voluntarily bind themselves in silver before going to ground for the night.

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