Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"True Blood” Sucker Punch: Season 4, Ep. 9 by Mark Blankenship

True Blood needs to put up or shut up. Either let Bill and Sookie get hurt, or stop trotting out “dangerous” situations that they will obviously escape from. It’s cool if the main characters are invincible… just stop pretending they might die at any second. It sucks the life out of supposedly tense moments, and it distracts from other, more interesting stories.

Dumb fake-outs abound in “Let’s Get Out Of Here.” We start with the aftermath of the battle in the graveyard, where Sookie got shot. For one hot second, Bill and Alcide are worried because Sookie won’t drink Bill’s blood. Since we’re not stupid, though, we know she’ll drink it eventually, so the entire scene becomes an irritating delay of the inevitable.
Same deal with the climactic battle at the Festival of Tolerance. Martonia plans to kill Bill in front of all those reporters, but we know that’s an empty threat. Of course Sookie’s going to learn about the plan, and of course she’s going to help Bill get away. Yet the episode drags on for an hour, pretending something bad might happen.
What’s worse, in order to justify Bill’s inevitable rescue, the episode constructs convoluted, unsatisfying plot twists. Like… Debbie. What’s going on there? One minute, she’s back on V and hating Sookie. In the next, Sookie reads her thoughts and realizes Debbie wants to help rescue Bill. That conveniently allows Debbie and Sookie to bust into the Moon Goddess Emporium, learn where Bill’s hiding, and haul ass to save him.

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Rita said...

Well i guess i am the only one that enjoy-
ed this episode or even the the show,as you have said you have not read the books.
Even though the writers change some things
i can still pick out things from the books
i still see the wonderful books that Ms.
Charline has written.And the show just as good.Now the second half of your post was very good.