Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Who's giving the best performance in 'True Blood'? Right now, this woman is.

While Anna Paquin is larking through the season being a cheerfully aggressive Sookie sex toy, and the superb Irish actress Fiona Shaw is having a ball channeling a possessed palm-reader-turned-witch(es), the True Blood performance that just gets better — deeper, richer, wittier — belongs to Deborah Ann Woll as the ginger-haired, heart-on-her-bloody-sleeve Jessica Hamby.
In what’s shaping up as a surprisingly good True Blood season — surprising because the series is juggling scores of subplots and is eager to go over-the-top at the climax of nearly every scene — Woll is doing the teen vampire proud. In a Twilight world, it’s difficult to play an adolescent vamp for something more than heaving melodrama, but creator Alan Ball (who devised this character independently of Charlaine Harris’ source-novels) and Woll are collaborating to make Jessica a sympathetic character as well as a believably romantic, emotionally fragile, gratifyingly brave girl.

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Rita said...

IMO! Jessica is the show most of all this season.