Tuesday, August 23, 2011

True Blood 4x9: Love, war and sexy dreams

Thank God,  Salon has someone else write the True Blood Recap this week ( Yes Drew , you sometimes seem to hate the show and DO NOT want to have to write the recaps ) Erin's a little funny and seems to want TB to be good as it can be !

Sookie fantasizes about a three-way, the Tolerance Festival has a trap -- and what's with the Taylor Swift song?

After last week’s Witches vs. Vampires tournament of champions, Alcide jogged a critically wounded Sookie back to her house like a good dog -- to the chagrin of Debbie, who followed. He’s intercepted by Bill, who grabs Sookie and whisks her home, opening a vein to heal her gunshot wound. Sookie doesn’t seem to be taking Bill’s blood, and he and Alcide get all metaphysical over her chances for survival.
Bill (improbably): "We can pray."
Alcide (bitterly): "A werewolf and a vampire, who's gonna listen?"
Bill (stiltedly): "That I do not know."
Which reminds me of a classic theological conundrum: How many werewolf bitches can dance on the head of a pin? (Answer: Dude, that's a dirty needle.)
During the battle, Marnie/Antonia activated her control spell on Eric and took him back to the Moon Goddess Emporium. Tara had a change of heart after Bill prevented Pam from killing her and is upset that Antonia didn't accept his offer of peace. Some of the witches, including Tara and waitress Holly, try to revolt, because it's all fun and Stevie Nicks songs until someone gets their throat torn out in a graveyard. Antonia's not having it, declaring that the witches are going to crash the Festival of Tolerance Event the vampires have planned for the next evening and nobody's leaving until she says so.

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