Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 Creatures We Want to See on 'True Blood' Next Season

Season four was laid to rest last week, but I am already dreaming about what season five of True Blood will bring. Naturally, the question on my mind is what the "big bad" next season will be. We've had a human serial killer, a maenad, witches, and, of course, lots of vampires and werewolves (and werepanthers). I have culled together a few possible ideas for season five. Keep in mind that I have not read any of the books. 
It seems that a succubus - or incubus - would be a natural fit for True Blood. A succubus is a female demon that saps the life out of a male sexual companion in order for her to remain young and beautiful (an incubus would be the male version). It's got all the elements that True Blood thrives on: sex, violence, and the sapping of bodily fluids. Generally succubi do not kill in the first lay. Their victims are usually sucked dry after multiple sexual encounters. They are likely aware of their fate, but are so entranced by the succubus that they don't care. Perhaps a family of succubi and incubi roll into Bon Temps and start fucking the citizens to death. Of course, there needs to be some kind of special mojo that happens when they screw vampires. Maybe a succubus doesn't kill a vampire, but she can make him look his true age.
Swamp Thing
True Blood doesn't normally tread into creature-feature territory, but being set in the swamps of Louisiana just begs for some kind of swamp creature. They don't have to show it for most of the season. It could even just be a few episode arc. But dammit, the swamp is scary - utilize it.