Tuesday, September 20, 2011

True Blood Season Five: What Will Happen And Why

The finale of True Blood left us sweating, questioning and clinging to the nearest human. So many new plots were opened up and, in typical true blood style; very few were brought to completion. We won’t know what’s going to happen until the season premiers in November, but here’s what we think you can expect.
No but seriously… This whole article is speculative spoilers. Don’t read if you don’t want to know.

Expect Tara to be dead. Now, Tara is an ass kicking goddess who deserves her own spin off show that I would watch religiously, but if she’s not dead it will be a huge let down. You don’t end the season with a main character getting shot in the head, just to have her survive. However,
Expect Tara to haunt Lafayette. Tara isn’t completely finished yet. She’ll probably stay around for, at least, the first few episodes of next season as a ghost hovering around in Lafayette’s house.  The audience needs closure, as does Lafayette who’s just lost not only Jesus (his boyfriend, not Christ) but Tara as well. And how the hell will he deal with that? Which brings us to…
Expect Lafayette to be mofoing CRAZY. Lafayette has been a pretty mentally stable character on the show so far. He’s dealt with a lot of drama and disturbing things, but he’s overcame it all and found true love with Jesus. Now he’s losing the two people he loves the most. He has to finally have a breakdown.
Expect Andy to become a father. The scene where Andy has sweaty sex with a gorgeous fairy in the middle of the woods is something that is forever burned into my mind… for better or for worse.  But before they get to the love making, the fairy tells him that she must know she can trust him completely, which we can only assume means there’ll be a little half fairy version of Andy running around in the near future.
Expect Sookie and Alcide to get it on. Sure Sookie just killed Alcide’s one true love, but if there’s anything we’ve learned over the past four seasons it’s that everyone wants Sookie. Whether it’s the fairy blood or her rocking bod, it seems clear that she’s downright irresistible, and Alcide has already shown interest more than once. It may not last, but season five wouldn’t be complete without a steamy scene between Sookie and the sexy werewolf.
Expect to learn more about Eric and Pam’s relationship. Things weren’t exactly left at a great place between the two of them, and it seems clear that they are going to need to work through their problems.  According to various interviews with the cast and with Alan Ball himself, we will definitely have a flashback to when Eric turned Pam into a vampire. Since Pam is the most baller character ever, we all can’t wait.
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