Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Charlaine Harris: BOOK & BLOG September 26 2011

I have more to blog about today than I can shake a stick at (an old southern expression).
I could reflect on Bouchercon and all the old friends I got to see there. I could tell you how great it felt to be a guest of honor at the world mystery convention. I could brag about the Bowling for Vampires bowling team, who labored long at the bowling alley. I could describe the fun we had at the Charlatans luncheon, and thank all the people who made that happen.
Or I could describe how a misunderstood post of mine on Facebook caused a big kerfuffle, and reflect on the big shortcoming of internet posting: it doesn’t convey intonation and facial expression, which go very far in interpreting what you’re saying to the audience, whoever that audience may be.
I could rehash my event with Laurell K. Hamilton, a one-of-a-kind evening that raised a lot of money for the St. Louis Library.
I could detail our four dogs’ horror when Daughter brought home her new puppy Jackson, an English bulldog, and their delight when Daughter took Jackson back to her apartment.
And I could also tell you what a relief it is to have completed the editorial changes on DEADLOCKED and to have sent it back again to my editor.
I’ll just condense all this. I’m glad to be home, though I had a great time in St. Louis, a weekend I’ll never forget. I’ll also never post on Facebook again without very careful consideration. Lesson learned. I’m still pleased that Laurell and I were able to offer a unique evening, and do a good deed in the process. Our dogs are still terrified they’ll find the little bulldog around every corner and have to share with him. And I’m sure there’ll be further odds and ends to correct on DEADLOCKED.
But for now, all’s well; and I hope you all are content, too.
Charlaine Harris

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My friend Dana Cameron just won the Anthony and the Macavity for the short story “Swing Shift,” written for the Mystery Writers of America anthology Crimes by Moonlight. Since I was the editor, I’ll gladly accept a slap on the back, but to Dana goes the credit for an amazing story.


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