Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kwanten: Women love confidence

True Blood star Ryan Kwanten credits his sex symbol status to his character Jason Stackhouse being so confident.
The 34-year-old Australian actor admitted to Men's Health Magazine that his character is a bit of a 'knucklehead', but thinks women like his cockiness.
Ryan said: "With all the guys on the show there's a rawness to them. With Jason it's very unabashed. He's very comfortable in his skin. I think from a female perspective, that kind of audacity or confidence can be sexy.
"Although I don't think that a guy like that could be sexy all the time. It is a little too full on... but then again, I'm not a girl.
"Jason has been shot at, raped and danced around in his underwear wearing a Laura Bush mask. The fact that he is still standing there is kind of... intriguing."

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