Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Recaps: True Blood, Season 4, Episode 11

Recap in 140: With Jesus and Lafayette’s help, Bill and Eric win what they think will be the final battle with Marnie. But it won’t be.
The Episode: There is still one episode left in the season, so there is still time to prove this hypothesis wrong, but I think I’ve figured out the over-arching problem with True Blood: the core cast of the show is impossible to kill. Disclaimer: I don’t read the books, so something shocking could be on the way in the near future, but I don’t see it. Every time characters on the show come to the precipice of death, they are predictably pulled back from the edge.

In Sunday’s episode, the lives of the following characters were legitimately close to ending:
• Sookie
• Eric
• Bill
• Jessica
• Pam
• Jason
• Sam
• Alcide
And I suppose you could throw Lafayette, Jesus and Holly into the mix if you factor in last week’s cliffhanger. But at every turn, their lives were spared. And I didn’t even feel as though they were ever in real danger. It’s sort of like a Tom Cruise movie. Tom Cruise never dies at the end of a Tom Cruise vehicle. If you tell yourself that during any juncture in the film, it sort of kills the suspense.

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