Tuesday, September 6, 2011

True Blood serves up a steaming pile of True Death by Meredith Woerner io9.com

Last night on True Blood, everyone got a little action! Even Andy! The Vampire Squad wrestled the witches with their custom leather fingerless gloves and fired a rocket launcher up their cackling behinds.
But let me tell it to you, Pro/Con style:
Pro: Aaaaand we pick up exactly right where we left off last week. Except this time the vampires are no longer in slow motion. But don't worry, True Blood always finds a way to screw in some extra ridiculous. Cue Jessica and Pam's hilarious banter, "This is what PMS used to feel like" and "Can we blow up these Wiccan dipshits already? I have a mani/pedi at four." Glad to see we're all taking this Wiccan fight seriously. Lady vampires go to war! PMS! Manicures! Hoorah!

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