Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Denis the Menace-Getting down to earth with one of the scariest men on television

God, I sure hope everyone is watching American Horror Story . It's by far the best thing on TV since a  wierd little vampire show about a telepathic barmaid started a few years back ;-) !

Meeting Denis O'Hare should be scary as hell. But today, in the back of homo-hotspot Saint Felix in West Hollywood on his day off, O'Hare doesn't project the eeriness he does as a horny "True Blood" vamp and mysteriously deformed man who just suffocated a potential homebuyer on "American Horror Story."
So far during the debut season of the smash FX show, O'Hare, who plays Larry Harvey, has dosed a house in gasoline, killed the-man-of-the-house's mistress and fought fervently for a home that's become a tough sell - and not just because the economy is sucking.
"Murder House," as it's called, is a freaky L.A. residence with a dark past and a new family: the Harmons, a threesome hopeful for a new start. But what's up with the neighbors, including Jessica Lange's crazy super-mom Constance? And who's this Larry guy and why is this house so important to him?
O'Hare leans back after taking a sip of his cranberry/orange/seltzer water concoction - his "incredibly demanding diva drink" - and tells us. "I don't think he's evil. He's acting out of a particular desire for something. For me, all characters have a justification for their behavior; they always think that what they're doing is necessary for a reason. Even Phantom of the Opera has a real reason: He was in love with someone, he was scarred, he wants love and revenge."

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