Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vampires for Guys-Dedicated to the manly appreciation of vampire fiction

If I resurrect the radio show this summer ( pun intented !) I'd like to have on Vampire guy!

I just reviewed a book in the “Thrall” series by Adams and Clamp. You can read it here. It really raised the question of what is meant by “vampire”. The bad guys in the Thrall series are vampire parasites. They attach themselves to the nervous systems of human hosts and take over. The concept reminds me of the aliens in Robert Heinlein’s “The Puppet Masters” which I enjoyed many years ago. They also remind me of “The Borg” in Star Trek: Next Generation.
So what’s the problem? The concept is based on other things that I’ve liked. And yet, are we still talking about “vampires”? The authors like to refer to the bad guys as vampire parasites and they get transferred to the hosts by biting. But I get the feeling that the authors are trying to trick me. Vampire fiction is hot, parasite fiction isn’t.

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HarleyDickerson said...

If we did it this year we can do it again next year Dallas!