Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Review of Generation Kill Dvds

Alethialia does a great review of the Generation Kill Dvd set

But really. What was the point of asking for suggestions of DVD extras if they were only going to include promo materials they'd already made? And I know that people suggested more than this because the_grynne organized a list over at generation_kill. (We're fans; we know how to organize. And tell people what we want.)

- Round-table between Wright and the 1st Recon Marines (Got it, thankfully the full version)
- Director/writer/cast commentaries (Got 'em)
- Featurettes (Got 'em)
- Map of the route (Got it, though it's vastly inferior to the original, imo)
- Bloopers
- Behind the scenes of bootcamp (Not unless we count the brief section in the featurettes, I guess)
- Photo galleries
- Songs from an Iraqi Road Trip
- Glossary (Got it)
- Actors' screen tests
- Donation of a portion of proceeds to a Marine Corps charity
- Video on recon training
- Scripts

At the very least, I know I asked for the scripts (and yeah, I'm probably the only one who cared). Scripts are already done! They require zero extra effort!

Much like this DVD set, it seems.

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