Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Book Binge - Seven books in seven days

I thoroughly enjoyed Erv's shear pleasure at reading 7 sookie books in 7 days

An unfortunate side effect of grad school is that I have had zero spare time for reading. I mean, sure Ive got several hours a day to read papers, but I mean fun reading.

Well this past week I took a nice break from work/school/writing and I totally binged.

Seven books in seven days.

I read the entire Sookie Stackhouse box-set (still havent read the newest one), since I got drawn into the HBO series it was based on, True Blood (LUV ANNA PAQUIN!).

Holy crap you guys.

So good.

Sooooo friggen good!

They arent *just* vampire books-- theyre mystery novels that just happen to include vampires. And theyre good mysteries! Not the deus deux machina crap mysteries-- ones that actually give you clues the entire book so you can feel smart when you figure it out by yourself, or feel like an idiot when the clues dont make sense till the end. The resolution to 'Definitely Dead' was so unexpected had me literally ROFL it was so awesome.

Agh and the characters! Guys the vampires are mean. Theyre assholes! But they arent really even the 'bad guys'! The 'bad guys' are Christian Fundies, and they are so awful! Their actions in 'Living Dead in Dallas' had me shaking, and 'All Together Dead' had me sobbing. All the characters are wonderfully gray (are they good? are they bad? what are their motives??) except for the Fundies. heh.

Gawd I feel like a tick, Im so bloated on fun reading right now ;)